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Greenwoman's Page of Female Marijuana

Female marijuana possesses the finest energy in the world, female energy. The best THC levels in the world come from female marijuana. It's funny, 1. In a male dominated industry, female marijuana seeds are coveted while the males are killed off. 2. In a male dominated industry, the female grower uses motherly nurturing and energy to produce consistently more potent marijuana. Compare the final product from a male grower and a female grower to find out for yourself. You just watch, with the legalization of medical cannabis the female contribution will emerge as great inspiration for healing power and growing power.

Females start smoking marijuana instead of smoking tobacco at a very young age. Women are now an increasing force in the marijuana movement. The hard rough young stoned out male visual has now been changed with the soft glow of attractive women. Soon you will see the face of females getting the leading roles in the details for the legalization of cannabis.

My state of mind for writing this is to unite female marijuana lovers to become aware of our changing role in the marijuana movement and social acceptance. The old boys male dominated marijuana social network is being fazed out as new female marijuana generations are produced. New and exciting cannabis genetics will be female dominated for a very long time. Visit the Safe Green Link Partners and Marijuana Substitutes.